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The kitchen at Odessa is inspired by our personal histories. Having lived in Spain, South America, London, New York, Paris, and traveled to almost every continent, we strive to always mix things up a bit. Bringing back Kilos of spices from frequent travels keeps us always testing with new flavor combinations.

Rest assured that 7-days a week you can come in and have a snack, make it an entrée, have a homemade fennel-cheese sausage with Moroccan lentils, in-house veal pancetta, pizza, pulled-pork croque monsieur, and so many more things that are constantly rotating in and out of our daily menu.

Our menu is constantly changing and evolving, but you can be sure that everything is homemade, always and forever.

We offer a range of different plates that can be treated as an appetizer, entrée, snack, main dish, and everything in between. We share everything and love doing, so we encourage you to do the same.

Most of our dishes are created with sharing in mind.

We encourage groups to order the entire menu, as its possible to find anything from 5-9 things depending on the evening.

We love pizza. There’s always desert.

Food & Friendship

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