About Us

Odessa Comptoir is comprised of David Schayne and Mathieu Kochen. They met by chance in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2008, and traveled South America and lived together in the Argentine capital for the following year.

The story continues with Mathieu visiting David in New York and eating as much as possible in Chinatown, Queens, and various taquerias in Brooklyn several times until David joined Mathieu in Barcelona.

In 2012-2013 the two friends lived together in Barcelona. Hosting many friends and sharing recipes from lands both far and near.

Finally, in April 2017 Mathieu launched Odessa Comptoir with his brother Antoine and chef Shina Camargo. The three started as a neighborhood bistro focusing on natural wine and Shina’s international vision of comfort food.

Now David and Mathieu continue the tradition of natural wines and homemade dishes made from quality ingredients 7 nights a week.

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